Rockin’ at the Galileo

This animated gif (above) and Instagram video (below) has the feel of a frantic stop-motion clip, but it started out as just a bunch of photos at a concert. Although there was not conscious effort to make a series that would turn into stop motion, I saw that I had a bunch of related images (all shot hand-held) and that they might make an interesting video. (This is # 53 of my #100videoclips project.)

The Instagram video strings a lot of the photos together in a very energetic compilation. I really like the way it gives a glimpse, but muddles the view at the same time.

From the Instagram video, I wanted to make a shorter gif to post as the featured image for this site, and a few experiments yielded something even more interesting.

Focusing on just a couple of the performers, I snipped the Instagram video, then layered it three times, offset each layer by about 6 frames, changed the top layers’ blend mode to overlay, slowed the whole thing down to half speed, and created a non-diffused gif with only 64 colors.

It would be cool to make an entire music video using one or both of these methods.