i carry your heart with me, by ee cummings

i carry your heart with me, ee cummings

An illustrated poem, i carry your heart with me by ee cummings, for Valentines day.

vincent (starry night by van gogh)

Vincent, Don McLean (Stephen Webber)

Visuals for a live acoustic guitar solo by Stephen Webber of Vincent (Starry Night) by Don McClean.

Kashmir, Led Zeppelin (Scratch Ambassadors)

Kashmir, Led Zeppelin (Scratch Ambassadors)

A cover by the Berklee Scratch Ambassadors of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. I created the visuals for the live performance of the song at the Berklee Valencia Commencement concert in July 2015.

Stylus Symphony, Dubstep Symbiosis

Stylus Symphony, M4: Dubstep Symbiosis

The fourth and final movement of Stephen Webber’s Stylus Symphony: Dubstep Symbiosis.

Stylus Symphony, One for the DJ

Stylus Symphony, M3: One for the DJ

The third movement of Stephen Webber’s Stylus Symphony: One for the DJ.

Stylus Symphony, Na Pali

Stylus Symphony, M2: Na Pali

The second movement of Stephen Webber’s Stylus Symphony: Na Pali.

Stylus Symphony: Symphonic Scratch

Stylus Symphony, M1: Symphonic Scratch

The first movement of Stephen Webber’s Stylus Symphony: Symphonic Scratch.  

Fernando Conducting the Valencia Film Orchestra

Video 63 of my #100videoclips project is an animated gif of my student Fernando from my music video production class at Berklee Valencia. He is preparing to conduct the first Valencia Film Orchestra concert at the Palau de la Música in… Continue Reading…

Rockin’ at the Galileo

This animated gif (above) and Instagram video (below) has the feel of a frantic stop-motion clip, but it started out as just a bunch of photos at a concert. Although there was not conscious effort to make a series that… Continue Reading…

Juggling Jon animated gif

Juggling Jon

Juggling Jon, #52 of my #100videoclips project is an animated gif (and higher-res Instagram, below) of me keeping lots of balls into the air. I used blended layers for the multiplicity of balls and hands. The tricky part was layering… Continue Reading…

Kaleidoscope CAC

A video posted by Jon Forsyth (@videojester) on Dec 21, 2015 at 9:11pm PST Video #51 of my #100videoclips series. This kaleidoscopic Instagram (sort-of gif) is from a photograph of the CAC, or the Ciudad de las Artes y las… Continue Reading…

Space Beard

Instagram Video #vc049 Video #49 of the #100videoclips project. Playing around with Photoshop and imagery from NASA.

Tulip Kaleidoscope

Instagram Video #vc048 This is video #48 of my #100videoclips project. It is also the solution to a problem that I’ve had for a while…. Nearly a year ago, I created a bunch of short kaleidoscopic video clips, and I’ve been… Continue Reading…

Art on the marquee

Art on the Marquee (Boston Convention Center)

I have had various videos displayed on the 80-foot-tall marquee at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center as part of the Art on the Marquee program, including “Evening Traffic,” “Dancing at St. Remy,” and “Aquarium Dreams.” The following is a… Continue Reading…