vc040: Flowerworks BCEC Simulation

This video, along vc041, was my submission to the latest round of the “Art on the Marquee” program at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, or BCEC. It is #40 of my #100videoclips project.

Their 80-foot-tall, 7-screen LED marquee outside of the entrance is an impressive sight, and it’s a real privilege to get to show your video works on it. Every couple of months, they have an open call for 30-second works of video art that take advantage of the uniqueness of the screen.

I had two works shown on the screen in 2014, Evening Traffic and Dancing at St. Rémy:

The videos above are the same kind of simulations as my Flowerworks video, but I was able to go to the BCEC and see them in person, which was very cool.

The dancers in the second video are my wife and I. She is featured in a multi-figured solo in the lower panels.

What I Did

For this submission, my main element was a kaleidoscopic image of fireworks and flowers.

The fireworks are videos that I took during the Fallas of Valencia, Spain in 2014 when I was there teaching at Berklee Valencia.

The flowers are still photographs, also in Valencia during Fallas, of the massive floral displays that they have during the festival. In the video, the flower images are slowly enlarged over a period of five seconds to give them animation.

The basic procedure is the same as I described in VC009: Fire Reflections (from fires, also during Fallas — it’s a very photogenic festival), so you can go there to see the particulars of making the kaleidoscopic images.