vc037: Russian Shuffle

Russian Shuffle is #37 of my #100videoclips project. It is Russian just because I found a Russian folk song on, When It Comes to Love,* that I liked, and I synched my video to the song.

The original footage was shot at the same time as my recent animated gifs (vc024, vc025, vc027 and vc029). I was considering making an animated gif with this clip, but while playing around with the footage, I came up with the 12-legged hexagon you see above. I decided to see what more I could do with multiple images put together in more geometric ways.

The Inspiration

Cyriak, who also provided the inspiration for my Goaty Funk (vc013) video, has a fascinating video with a similar (but much more complex) bunch of feet walking around within a polygon, as well as a mind-boggling array of other funky stuff:

There’s a lot of Photoshop and AfterEffects in Cyriak’s video, whereas I only used PremierePro blend modes, but some day I may buckle down and try to get closer to what he created.

What I Did

The entire video is a single 8-second clip that I sped up (or slowed down, as needed) to better match the tempo of the Russian folk song that I ended up using.

Since I am wearing mostly dark clothes against a white wall in the clip, the Darken blend mode works well, so I played around with a number of different combination of multiple layers, all blended using the Darken effect. In some cases, the subsequent layers were just delayed slightly, as with the Echo effect, but in other cases, I repositioned the layers to create a multi-tiered or geometric pattern.

* The full song credit (from

Когда приходит к нам любовь, ансамбль русской песни “Хмель”
When it comes to our love, by the Russian ensemble “Hops”

Шестернин Юрий
Shesternin Jury

Кочетков Сергей
Sergei Kochetkov

I have to trust Google translate on this, but it’s fun to have an excuse to use Russian script.