vc036: Pas de Fruit stop motion

“Pas de Fruit” is a stop-motion dance of fruit: a banana, an apple, and some grapes.

It is #36 of my #100videoclips project and my sixth stop motion video in the project.

The Inspiration

There are dozens if not hundreds of fun and interesting stop motion animation on the web, but here is a nice simple one from a few years ago:

Fruit and vegetables are often a great choice for stop-motion animation: They’re visually interesting and detailed, they’re an easy size to manipulate, and they are usually readily available.

What I Did

My basic stop motion process is the same as I explained in my first stop-motion video of this series, the “Woodsy Stop Motion and Hyperlapse” video.

I used the same setup as in the “Purple Jelly Balls” and the “Logo Animation” videos, with my camera pointing straight down over the things to be animated.

Give animation setup

(The setup above is for the “Logo Animation.”)

I tried to move the fruit the tiniest amount each time to get a fluid motion, and I think it worked fairly well. The video was originally edited at 24 frames per second, but then I slowed it down 50%, or to 12 fps, so it wouldn’t go by so quickly.

The eating was the most interesting challenge, since I wanted the fruit to magically disappear a bite at a time without distracting shifts of position.

For the banana, I just broke pieces off with my fingers. They don’t look exactly like bites, but it goes by quickly. I didn’t want to pick it up because I wanted the peel position to move smoothly, and I didn’t think I could get it back into the proper position each time.

For the apple, I had to pick it up to bite it every time, so I tried to be careful about putting it back in a similar place and orientation as when I picked it up.

For the grapes, I tried picking off a grape, biting it in half, and then sticking it back more or less in place without any other means of support. That didn’t work so well, so after a couple of grapes, I just started plucking them off and eating them a whole grape at a time.

I consumed all of my props in real time. The grapes were great and the banana was OK, but the apple wasn’t the best: kind of mealy and wormy. It was so tiny and cute, though, so that made up for it.