vc024: White Wall Run Animated Gif

#24 of my #100videoclips project (and the next few) are also, like #23, short clips that are the basis of animated gifs.

In this and subsequent clips, I even more directly borrow (copy, steal) techniques from Erdal Inci, since he is the pioneer and innovator of this sort of thing. I just love the patterns that come from repetition, even of mundane things.

The resulting animated gif is thus:

White wall run animated gif

What I Did

The key to this sort of animated gif is to use the Echo effect in Premiere Pro or After Effects. It also helps if the subject is darker (or lighter) than the background, so you can use the minimum (or maximum) setting to good effect.

In this case, you may notice that the shadow gets in front of me in some places, because it is darker than the repeated figure behind it. I think it’s kind of a cool result.

For the other Echo settings — the amount of delay and the number of repetitions — it just takes playing around until you find what you like.

As with vc023, you need to find a section of the clip that will give you a repeating loop, then save it and open it in Photoshop. Use the “Save to Web” feature, with Repeat set to “Forever”, to get the looping animated gif.