vc013: Goaty Funk (Dancing Goats)

This funky feast of goaty goodness features my sister’s pygmy goats, occupied at her Oregon homestead to keep the blackberry brambles at bay. They can also shake a move.

The song for #13 of the #100videoclips project is “There It Is,” by the ever-generous Kevin Macleod at

The Inspiration

Once I had the footage, I was trying to channel a bit of Cyriak in my editing, although I didn’t get anywhere near his level.  His bovine creations are far beyond my caprine ones.

What I Did

I visited my sister and filmed her goats. Who could resist?

I didn’t have a clear goal at the time, but I thought I needed at least some footage of them scampering around. The resulting clips were very random, but there were a few good scenes that I pulled out.

In PremierePro, besides the obvious “start, stop, go backwards” bits which never fail to amuse, I multiplied the goats in a scene or two using the following:

  • Multiple tracks of the same scene, shifted one way or the other to fit them as needed.
  • The track matte key effect. (I talk about using that effect in more detail in my Copley Square post.)
  • Title clips as mattes. In the Title object, I drew a filled bezier shape using the pen tool, then applied a Gaussian blur effect to the Title clip to soften the edges of the matte. I didn’t have to animate (move) the matte to follow the action since the clips were so short. However, I did need some trial and error to get the edges of the mattes in the right places.

What I Learned

  • Creating a filled bezier shape in a Title clip and softening the edges with a blur works quite well. I had used the technique in other videos, but never quite like this. Of course, more refined results could come from using AfterEffects, etc., but for a relatively quick editing job, I am pleased with the results.
  • Pay more attention when taking footage, and take more than you think you need. In this case, I really didn’t know what I was going to do with it, so I didn’t pay really close attention or take very much. However, I would like to have had better shots of the goats rearing up, for example (not rearing out of the frame).
  • Any movement, even if uninteresting, can be made more interesting by giving it some back-and-forth groove. Multiples don’t hurt either.