vc011: How to make a BandanaCam Action Camera

For those of us with a decent phone camera but no GoPro(TM), it’s the BandanaCam action camera! (#11 of the #100videoclips project.)

With just some bubble gum and duct tape (no, wait, a different project)…with just an old sock, a bandana and some scissors, turn your phone into head-mounted POV (point-of-view) action camera! (Note that it is not waterproof.)

What I Did

You’ll have to watch the video. It’s all in there. :)

What I Learned

As I always tell my student, don’t use the camera’s built-in microphone as the final audio source — unless, of course, that’s all you have, which was the case here. Not great, but understandable.

Also, when cutting a sock for non-foot purposes, stretch it to it’s final shape before you cut it.