vc010: Purple Jelly Balls

This little ditty is an experiment in stop-motion animation with some little purple jelly balls that begged to have something done with them. This is #10 of my #100videoclips project.

They are the kind that start out the size of a pinhead but then swell to many times their size when you soak them in water. (You can also get them shaped like sea creatures, dinosaurs, etc.)

The soundtrack is from the “snow pad” in Ableton Live that was then sped up in PremierePro to match the action.

What I Did

This is the same kind of stop motion described in detail in the vc003: Woodsy Stop Motion and Hyperlapse post.

In this case, the camera was pointing straight down, and I had a strong side light on the jelly balls to give them more dimension.

Purple Jelly Balls setup shot

I moved the balls a very little each time with the knife, spoon or my finger. (They stuck to all three.)

There is a very slight storyline: uniformity, mob behavior, playing catch up or being left behind. But mostly it’s just 16 seconds of purple jelly balls.