vc009: Fire Reflections

#9 of #100videoclips. Images of fire and fireworks from the Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain. These are reflected in various ways, filtered to emphasize the red tones, and matched to an excerpt of the song “Volatile Reaction” by Kevin MacLeod (

The Inspiration

Just taking part in the Fallas of Valencia. There are a bunch of video of Fallas, but it’s nothing like being there in person.

What I Did

This is just a small sampling of the fireworks (which happen nearly every night for two or three weeks) and the actual fires (which only happen on the last night, but all over the city).

With the footage, I used the Mirror effect in Premiere Pro to put the fires and fireworks on display in a variety of ways.

One of the more interesting methods is the 6-sided kaleidoscope effect. To create it, you need to apply the Mirror effect to an image three times, each with a different reflection angle.

It can set up in a variety of ways, but here is one way that works:

  • First Mirror effect Reflection Angle: 0 degrees.
  • Second: 30 degrees.
  • Third: 90 degrees.
  • Fourth: 150 degrees.

The effect also works with 0, 210, 270 and 330 degrees, and undoubtedly others. Each different combination of angles reflects a different part of the image.

Another thing to try is to shift the source image around, rotate it, flip it, etc., to see which parts look the best as a kaleidoscopic image.

What I Learned

  • In PremierePro, if you set up one Sequence with all of the source images you want to try, each in a different layer, you can then embed that sequence into another sequence that has the Mirror effects applied to it.
    • That let you try out a lot of different images very easily by just showing or hiding the video layers in the first sequence. I’ve found that lots of experimentation helps you find the most interesting results.
  • Still images can work nicely as well. Just move them around (position, rotation, size) using keyframe automation and you get some very cool results.
    • The animated gif below was made from a photograph of some tulips that I animated and “kaleidoscoped.”

animated tulip kaleidoscope gif