vc005: How to play “Smile in Your Sleep” on guitar

By special request (from my daughter, away at college), I recorded me playing the Celtic lullaby, “Smile in Your Sleep,” for #5 of the #100videoclips project.

The video is primarily a way for her to see the chords and the fingering, although it was a special challenge doing the recording: getting the focus right, making sure both hands were visible, dealing with the mic in the shot and the recording equipment in general.

There isn’t much technical stuff to talk about with this shot, but I will provide the lyrics to the lovely-but-tragic song, which deals with the injustices against the crofters during the Highland Clearances:

Smile in Your Sleep

In 6, Capo 3, Am


Hush, hush, time to be sleepin’
Hush, hush, dreams come a-creepin’
Dreams of peace and of freedom
So smile in your sleep, bonnie baby

Once our valleys were ringin’
With sounds of our children singin’
But now sheep bleat till the evenin’
And shielings lie empty and broken


We stood, with heads bowed in prayer
While factors laid our cottages bare
The flames fired the clear mountain air
And many lay dead in the mornin’

Where was our fine Highland mettle,
Our men once so fearless in battle?
They stand, cowed, huddled like cattle
Soon to be shipped oe’r the ocean

No use pleadin’ or prayin’
All hope gone, no hope of stayin’
Hush, hush, the anchor’s a-weighing
Don’t cry in your sleep, bonnie baby