vc004: Freeze Hop

Number four in the #100videoclips project. Freezing and multiplying frames on a trampoline.

The Inspiration

Ellen Wetmore has done a few of these sorts of videos, where one’s movement is “stuck” or recorded in one place as the actor moves to another.

I became aware of Ellen through an article about her work with the Art on the Marquee at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The article was in the UMass Lowell magazine, where we both teach, although she teaches art and I teach information systems. I did meet her briefly, but not at UML. It was at a reception for the Art on the Marquee, where we both had videos being exhibited at one point. Strange world.

What I Did

The filming part was easy — just jumping around on our trampoline, wearing all black. The fun part came with the editing.

I started with Ellen’s simple concept of having images “stick”and move at the same time, but then I veered off in another direction.

First, I edited out everything that wasn’t me flying through the air, so all the take offs and landings were discarded.

After I had the main “flying” sequence, I layered multiple copies of that sequence in different ways with different timings, using the “Darker Color” blend mode in PremierePro to get the multiple copies of me on one screen (which accounts for the occasional transparent hand and foot).

Finally, I put the different sequences together in one sequence, and switched between them at various time.

The sound track is just the track from one of the intermediate sequences, where the sound of the trampoline recorded by the camera is multiplied and offset a bunch of times.